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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our association and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Association News ~


We will be beginning PHASE II of the resurfacing of B-Dock on Monday October 22.  We will be starting at the end of B-Dock at the lay along moving towards the parking lot.  In addition we'll be adding the White Skirt Boards to all the fingers and main walkway as we're moving forward.

Please empty your Dock Boxes as they will need to be moved for this part of the resurfacing.  Your Lifts will need to be unattached so the Skirt Boards can be installed.

Please notify your renters of this ASAP so we're not delayed in the project.


2018-2019 Annual Meeting Minutes. 

Please go to the Document Section of the Restricted Area to Review the 2018-2019 Annual Meeting Minutes, Votes and Approved Budget


REMINDERS FOR EACH UPCOMING BOATING SEASON. To help make each season a safe and enjoyable time for all, your Board encourages you to review the marina’s Rules of Conduct. A few key points to note are as follows:

1. All boats must leave the marina under their own power at least once every 90 days during the April through October boating season;
2. Shrink wrap should be removed from your vessel no later than the end of May, unless otherwise approved by the Board;
3. You are required to keep your pet on a leash while on marina property if it is not on your vessel;
4. Help keep the docks safe by keeping power cords, hoses, mooring lines, etc. neatly positioned and clear of all walkways at all times.

Please pass the above info on to your renter, if applicable. We hope you have a great boating season!

SAFETY & SECURITY. Our camera security system has now been operating for over two years. We further enhanced the system in early 2013 by adding five cameras to the system. Security cameras now monitor activity in all locations of the marina continuously. Please remember to report any suspicious activity to the Harbormaster.

Additionally, the Board has developed a Safety and Security set of guidelines to assist you with making your time on the water (both inside and outside of the marina) a positive and pleasurable experience. Please review the document by clicking here.

WIRELESS SYSTEM. In our continual effort to improve our wireless system, we made several changes to the system in 2011. First, we expanded the number of networks from one to three. In general, E-Ramp residents should connect to the "CQ-E-RAMP" network. All other docks should connect to the "CQ-B-RAMP" or the "CQ-A-RAMP" network. However, you may want to experiment with connecting to all three networks to determine which one works best in your location. A password is no longer needed to connect to a network. After you connect to a network, when you launch your web browser, you will be prompted for a username and password. See the "Documents" section of this web site to get the username and password.

ACCESS GATES.  Owners can find the gates access codes (main, pedestrian, and restrooms ) in the "Documents" section of this web site.

REMOTE GATE OPENERS AVAILABLE. If you have been struggling with your current gate opener, it is probably because technology changes have rendered it ineffective. New openers that are current technology do a great job and are available at cost to owners.  See Steve at the Harbormaster office to get one.

PLEASE RESTRAIN YOUR DOG. We have received several complaints recently about unrestrained dogs in the marina.  Point 20 of the Marina Rules Of Conduct states "No pet shall be allowed to be without restraint (leash) when not confined aboard a watercraft."  For the safety and comfort of all, please ensure that your dog is on a leash when not on your vessel. 

UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE WEB NOW.  Please remember to keep your profile information on the web site current. This information is key to the marina management personnel in case there is an emergency with your vessel.

IS YOUR INSURANCE INFORMATION ON FILE UP TO DATE? If not, please send us new insurance information on your vessel. And remember, if your insurance expires we require a new certificate reflecting your renewal. Violators will be assessed a $20.00 administrative fee for each month that a valid certificate is not on file .

RULES HELP US ALL ENJOY THE BOATING  EXPERIENCE BETTER.   Now is a good time to refresh yourself and/or your renters with the Marina Rules of Conduct (Click here or go to the "Documents" section of this site). One rule to note is that all vessels moored in the marina are required to exit the marina under their own power at least once every 90 days during the summer months (April-October). Additionally, as you know grilling on the docks is prohibited and now our insurance company has asked that we advise that the use of portable grills on boats in berth is a hazard and should be avoided.  

NOTICE A MAINTENANCE NEED?  If you notice any maintenance needs for the docks, ramps, pedestals, and grounds, please report them to Harbormaster Steve Draper on the Maintenance Request Form (Click here or go to the "Documents" Section of this site).



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~ Slips for Sale or Rent ~

If you have a slip for sale or rent, please e-mail us ("Contact Us" page - Board) and we can post it directly to this spot.

Slip A-57 for Lease

$4,200 Annually plus electric.  Slip dimensions are 20' x 70'
Call Charlie Dahlem (502) 648-1072

Slip C-11for sale.. Slip is 20' x 70'. Asking $47,500 For more information, please contact Dina Abby at 502-386-4819.

Slip C29 for sale. Slip is 20' wide by 70' long and ready for immediate occupancy. Asking $62,500. If interested call Bill @ 502-552-2028.

Slips B42,B45, B46, & B51 for sale or lease. For more information, please contact Donna Abby at 502-593-3876 or

Slip A45 for sale. Slip is 14' wide by 46' long. Asking $32,000. Owner moving, so a quick closing could favorably affect pricing. If interested call Rory @ 502-432-5733 or email @

Slip B17 for sale. Slip is 12' wide by 46' long. Asking $27,500. Call Rory @ 502-432-5733 or email @

Slip C5 for sale. Slip is 20' wide by 70' long. Asking $59,900. Call 502-553-2094 and ask for Tony if interested.

Slip B15 for sale.  Slip is 12' wide by 46' long.  Asking $29,000.  Call Steve 396-9172 if interested.

Slips A-14 and A-15 for sale.  Both slips are 46' long.  Asking $34,000 each Call Steve 396-9172 if interested.

Slip A42 for rent.  Slip is 14' by 46'.  Slip is available for Winter Rent. This slip faces the CQ road. This slip is easy in/out as you don't have boat traffic from a ramp across from you. Your back is to the afternoon sun. Good neighbors. The slip also includes a dock box and attached bumpers.Contact: Bill Walters @ 502-245-5466 or e-mail to: 

Slip A19 For Sale- FOR SALE OR RENT. Purchase Price (make offer).  28' X 75' WELL. Largest slip in marina. Keep all your toys in one slip or enjoy full well for large boat. Patio extended for chilling. Dock box available  Contact Doug 502-558-2974 or MAKE OFFER FOR CONSIDERATION

Slip A-44 for sale. Slip is 14' wide by 46' long. Asking $32,000.  Rent for the season $2,500
If interested call brad @ 502-767-0744 or e-mail
Slip A-16 for Sale:  The slip is 28 x 75 or will Rent all or part of the slip.  Call Ken Henderson 502-553-4468.

Slip for Rent B41 .  Slip measures 14' X 46'.  Contact: CALL 502-244-5273


14 FOOT SLIP RENT IS $2,495.00, 12 FOOT RENT IS $$2,095.00.

Slip B34 for Sale or Rent  Sale -$35,000 or Rent - $4,100 per year.  Call 502-957-6000 ask for Davey Bowles or email

Slip A-43 for Sale:  Asking $21,000.  Please contact John Conner. 502-419-6674 or email

Slip C-26 for Sale Slip is 70x20 Asking $50,000.  Will consider renting year round. Has great access to the creek. Contact Bill 502-552-2028.

Slip E-7 for Sale Slip is 14'x30' Asking $20,000.  Has great access to the creek. Contact  Ray 502-931-5815.